Sunday, December 25, 2016


So, i continue my stories at Hello Kitty & Little Big Club in Part 2.
Those who still not reading my stories in Part 1, you are kindly to click the link HERE
We went to the Little Big Club around 12.45 pm. It is in the Level 2 for Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder & Pingu house. While for Thomas and Friends it is in Level 3. And the Little Big Club is included all these characters, that mean in Level 2 and Level 3. Haha. Are you clear now? Am i doing a good explanation about that place?

When we enter the park, it was Thomas and Friends mini show. But its already half way and we just can watch it only for 5 minutes. Nevermind, because we just watch Hello Kitty mini show, so it's ok for us. After the show, we went to level 3 to go to the Thomas and Friends level. At this time, Zulaikha had a little cranky. I thought maybe she was tired and sleepy because i woke her up at 7.30 a.m.

But, when she saw Thomas, she felt excited and shouted "Thomas, Thomas" and we line up to ride Thomas. We ride Thomas for two round which it still not satisfy Zulaikha. She wanted to ride it again but when we saw the line was long if we want to line up again, so we persuade Zulaikha to ride the bus. After ride the bus, i saw Zulaikha was out of mood and i ask my husband to have a rest. We went to pray, eat and let Zulaikha sleep if she wanted to do that because this is time for her to sleep.

So, we decide to find the food around Puteri Harbour because we were not 'in' with the menu in Thomas and Friends cafe.  I really hope Zulaikha sleep at this time but it just my dream because when we were out from the park, Zulaikha suddenly became active again and she refused to eat because want to play with Thomas.

We ate our lunch at Old Town White Coffea and after we finished our lunch, we went back again to the park. We went straight to level 3 and decide to play with other game. Unfortunately, all the games are not suitable for Zulaikha because of her height. The minimum height required to play the games is 90cm and Zulaikha is shorter than that.

So, we continue to level 2. At level 2, we started with Agelina Ballerina house. It was 2.45pm at that time. So we waited 15 minutes for the meet and great session with Angelina. Zulaikha wore a cute skirt, hairband and stick to dance with Angelina. When she finished dancing with Angelina, she got the certificate and I realised that my daughter loves to dance! And she felt very happy and excited too!

After Angelina house, we went to Bob the Builder house where in this house it had a playground full with the ball. So Zulaikha spends her time here to play at the playground until 3.50 pm. So she had around 35 minutes played in the playground.

Around 350 pm, we went to the stage again to watch the mini show. Now, its time for Bob the Builder mini show!!! As usual, Zulaikha was so excited and she also moved her body to dance together with Bob and his friends.

Around 415pm, the show finished and then, we went to Barney house. I saw the schedule, the last mini show was at 530 pm so i told my husband to wait until the last show. So Zulaikha had more than one hour to spend. But, when the time is 515pm, we already waited in front of the stage the watch the last mini show.
But, the last mini show was disappointed me because it just a time to take a picture with Pingu, Barney, Angelina and Bob character. So, we took this opportunity to take a photo with all the character even though i hope it had a sing and dancing time because i saw Zulaikha very loves it.

Before we went home, we choose the picture at the booth. Even though we already took a lot of pictures, but this picture was included three of us. So we decided to buy it.

Overall, we had spent around 8 hours there and this is the stories how i maximise the time in Hello Kitty & Little Big Club. We were so enjoyed here and definitely, will not come it again not because it is not interesting, but before we repeat to this park, its better if we went to Legoland and Angry Bird Park, right? Haha. But if someone wants to pay for us, we will go again! (Jangan Marah)

Thursday, December 22, 2016


It was looked like we had a worth spending when we were there. Actually, we were not planned to spend our whole nice day just in Hello Kitty & Little Big Club. We just want to maximise the time. But like others always said... "Time Flies So Fast" until we realise we already spend 8 hours there!

What is the strategy to spend the whole day in Hello Kitty & Little Big Club?
The first strategy that you MUST do is....told your husband to maximise the time there. So, before we enter the park, our mindset just think to spend our whole day here without thinking to go to another nice place. Everything starts with your mindset right? Plus, when we looked at the price : RM 125 per person for both theme park, we think that strategy is worth it for us. HAHA. Money planning.

Excited and Double Excited Faces. Guess??

But, i think that day also were our lucky day because we bought the ticket while it was on promotion. RM 125 for two persons, that were "Buy one free one" promotion. Lucky us! 
How you spend your time in Hello Kitty?
We arrived at Nusajaya around 10.30 a.m. The park is open at 10 a.m. As I mentioned early, that day also our lucky day because we got the parking just beside the building. We bought the ticket and the first park that we went were Hello Kitty Town

When we were there, Zulaikha start to show her excitement when she saw Hello Kitty. She wanted to meet Hello Kitty so we line up to take a photo with Hello Kitty. After that, we persuade Zulaikha to play in the spinning cup, but she refused. Obviously, her parents were more excited than Zulaikha but we controlled. HAHA. 

We went to all the house in Hello Kitty Town. First, we went the house to decorate the cookies. Second, the Hello Kitty house, where there were like a REAL Hello Kitty house. All the things were so cute! and Zulaikha and I took a lot of photos there and as usual, abbi is our photographer. 

The third house that we went is the house that we could made a badge there. First, you had to colour the Hello Kitty and once you finished it, you could made a badge. Zulaikha loves this part because she loves to colour. And she felt proud when we put the badge on her shirt. 

Good activity!

The fourth house is the costume house! But before you wore the Hello Kitty costume, you had to make a paper bag by stick the Hello Kitty sticker on it. Zulaikha also loves this activity because i always teach her (homeschool) with the stickers to develop her cognitive and sensory motor. But, when comes to the costume, Zulaikha refused to wear it. She scared until i persuade her to wear together. And when it comes to take the photos, she never shows her sweet face eventhough we keep calling her name "Zulaikha...Zulaikha..Senyum..."

Now, i realised my kid is having a lack of confident in front of other people. She always needs me. Maybe because i always with her day and night and she rarely mingles with others except families. 

Then, we went to the playground. I looked at the time, it was already 11.45 a.m and we have 45 minutes left before the Hello Kitty mini show was started. So, we let Zulaikha to play in the playground until 12.20 p.m and we call her to wait in front of the stage to watch Hello Kitty show. When the clock is already 12.30 p.m, Hello Kitty comes in front of the stage to sing and dance. I saw Zulaikha reaction, she shocked for a while and turns to excited when Hello Kitty dance and ask the kids to dance with Hello Kitty. I'm very enjoyed and I knew Zulaikha also felt the same.

The show lasted for 15 minutes and soon after that, we went to the last house in Hello Kitty Town that is the magic house. In this house, you have to answer 3 questions (it's like a game in the computer) and once you finished it, you can exit the house. It's not compulsory to finished the game to exit the house. We finished the game and as usual photo time! 

So, overall, we spend almost 2 hours 30 minutes in Hello Kitty Town. We enter the town around 10.45 a.m and exit the town around 1 pm. We have another town. So I will write it in PART 2.