Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Day my family is rarely my family can gather..chatting together..share problem together and story wat happen in our life is the day!!

The day start when my family except my 5th sister who study in MRSM PDRM and 2nd sister who study nursing in MANJUNG..go to fetch my brother in MRSM KEPALA BATAS...

Then..we bring him out..get the refreshing breeze in Pantai Merdeka..this day is more meaningful when my aunt and uncle want to join us...we had a lunch the seaside..i think i have been a long time a didn't go to the seaside..the last time i can remember is when my ex coming back to Malaysia last year..( oh no!!why i am talking about him again!!! )...

The meal that specially cook by my mom is very superb!!!Udang Masak Sambal...Udang Masak Serai..really make brake my promise to myself to start diet today..haha..( i am not having a major diet..juz a minor..NOT EAT TOO MUCH!!! )

After sent my brother back to the hostel..we go to SUNWAY CARNIVAL some stuff there....and after that my father decide to go to PACIFIC survey for a new camera and he get it!!..

We back home at 10.00 pm after having a dinner at Bandar Perda..i eat Tomyam..but the service is soo suck..we are waiting for 40minutes before we can get our meal.huhu.but nevermind..'Sabar Itu Tiang Agama' tummy pun dah je menunggu eventho tahap kelaparan sudah naik ke kepala..hehe..

Oooopss..before i forget..wish luck to my fren for his event..Jelajah Malaysia 2009..hope success be yours...

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